How do I take my Day 2 antigen test?

Taking a day 2 antigen test has never been easier, with Official Rapid Tests, giving you a day 2 certificate within 15 minutes!


Step 1: Place your order online:

Step 2: You will receive your PLF in the confirmation email instantly, this can be used for your passenger locator form. You will also receive a 12 digit verification/activation code that you will need to keep a hold of, this will be used to register your test on our online portal. 

Step 3: Your order will be delivered to your address and will only contain your Hughes/Flowflex antigen test kit.

Step 4: Register your test kit online by clicking here, then select the Day 2 Lateral Flow Option as screenshotted below, enter the 12 digit verification/activation code you received by email. 



Step 5: Take your test, for instructions on how to administer an antigen test watch the video below:


Step 6: Once you have completed your test, take a picture of your results, complete the form online and upload the image of your test cassette.


Step 7: Wait approximately 15 minutes (can take a few hours depending on demand surges), and we will email you your test certificate. You can open your report by entering your date of birth as your passcode in the following format: DDMMYYYY (example: 15051996).


If you need further assistance with your certificate or if you need to change details on your certificate please contact:

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