How to Take a PCR Test - Step by Step Guide

Step-by-Step Guide on PCR Testing


Samples must be swabbed at home by client using our sampling guide.


Wash your hands and place all items on a clean surface. Do not open more than one test pack at a time.


Stand in front of a mirror, open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue, you will see an arch at the back of your throat. Wipe the soft tip of the swab around the back of your throat as shown in the diagram. Ensure you wipe the five areas shown while avoiding your tongue and teeth. Ensure that you swab each of these areas several times. This may trigger your gag reflex but should not be painful.



Using the same swab, place the soft tip gently inside one nostril and gently wipe it around the inside of your nose advancing upwards. Complete the same process for the other nostril. Once you have taken the sample, place the soft tip of the swab into the collection tube with the liquid. Break off the plastic end at the breaking off point where it is thinner. Close the tube tightly and ensure that the lid no longer rotates.


Complete the DECLARATION FORM that you have received with your kit and send it back along with your samples.

STEP 5 Place the collection tube inside the plastic case, ensure this is closed tightly.

STEP 6 Place the sample tube in the top of the clear Biohazard bag and remove the silver foil, seal the bag closed.

STEP 7 Place your request form into the outer sleeve.

STEP 8 Place your completed sample inside the white & purple return bag. (Colour may change). Remove the silver foil and seal the bag. 


You are now ready to return your sample. We recommend that you take a picture of your return bag/label, please then keep this for reference of your tracking number.


Post your sample in your nearest Priority Post Box, please post your completed test no later than 1 hour before last collection. You can find your nearest Priority Post Box at: Collection times may differ during the weekends. However, the Royal Mail Priority Post box website displays the details of those collected on Sundays and Bank Holidays.


You will be notified by email once your results are ready.


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